CES 2015


2015年1月にラスベガスで行われた世界最大のコンシューマ・エレクトロニクス展示会・CESでオムロンヘルスケアのブースをプロデュース。高い精度を持つオムロンヘルスケアの血圧計、体組成計等とウェアラブルデバイスやスマートフォンとの連携を加速させるOMRON connectや1.2秒で人体を高精度計測する3D Style System等を展示。木目を基調としながら直線的でシンプルなブースのデザインにより、毎日の生活に寄り添うリラックスした雰囲気と先進性を表現した。

OMRON HEALTHCARE (Healthcare electronics manufacturer) We produced the OMRON Healthcare booth for CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show held in Las Vegas in January 2015. The booth displayed Omron’s various healthcare products known for their high precision, such as their blood pressure meter and body composition monitor together with “OMRON connect” which optimizes their linkage to wearable devices and smartphones, as well as the 3D Style System which measures body composition in 1.2 seconds with high precision. To create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere yet also drive OMRON’s spirit of innovation, which are elements that OMRON’s products offer consumers in their daily lives, we created a booth using woody accents in a simple design composed of straight lines.