「山ガーナプロジェクト」は2013年に50周年を迎えたロッテ ガーナミルクチョコレートが始めた登山者支援プロジェクト。世界遺産登録により登山者が増加し続ける富士山を中心に、チョコレートならではの登山者支援を行っている。例えば、「山ガーナアプリ」は富士登山時の消費カロリーを計測し、適切なタイミングでのチョコレート補給を促す。富士山の6合目ではチョコレートの配布を行い、数多くの登山者達の疲れを癒やし、安全な登山を支えた。


LOTTE (Confectionery) Mountain climbing is high impact exercise involving continuous climbing of steep surfaces, depleting more energy than most people imagine, which can at times lead to dangerous accidents. To prevent such situations, chocolate is the most appropriate food.
The “Mountain Ghana Project” is a project to support mountain climbers that was started in 2013 when LOTTE’s Ghana Milk Chocolate celebrated its 50th anniversary. Centering around Mt. Fuji where the popularity of mountain climbing continues to rise due to its recently being registered a World Heritage Site, the project supports climbers with chocolate’s suitability for the task. One example of support activities is the “Mountain Ghana App” that measures calories burned by climbing and alerts users to the appropriate timings for replenishing with chocolate. Also, at Mt. Fuji, product samples of chocolate are distributed at the 6th station, soothing the fatigue of climbers and supporting their safe climbing.