CAINZの初となる表参道ポップアップストア「Live Green」。都心の真ん中でインテリアやキッチン用品に留まらず、本格的なDIY用品やガーデニング用品を取り揃えるホームセンター・CAINZが提唱すること。それは、消費するだけでなく、作り、育むこれからのライフスタイル。大量生産、大量消費の20世紀を経て、環境保護や持続可能性が求められる21世紀を生きていく我々の暮らしを見つめ直すヒントが詰まった店舗となった。


CAINZ (Home improvement retailer chain) We conducted CAINZ’s first pop-up store in Omotesando with the name, “Live Green”. What CAINZ wished to propose from the center of Tokyo as a home improvement retailer that offers not only stylish interior décor and kitchenware but also full-fledged DIY and gardening products, was what CAINZ stands for – the future of our lifestyles should not merely be about consumption, but should also be about creating and cultivating. The 20th century was about mass production and mass consumption. Now in the 21st century, there is need for environmental protection and sustainability, and the CAINZ “Live Green” pop-up store was a store that was filled with hints for consumers to take their lifestyles in that direction while enjoying home improvement.